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July 12, 2011 NYC

Well – it’s official. The recent abysmal jobs report and articles such as this one by Paul Solman helped to seal the deal. I’m committed to researching and writing about this topic for my master’s thesis. Getting older isn’t for sissies and neither is long-term unemployment.  Spoiler alert – while by nature I’m an eternal optimist, I’m also a realist and a pragmatist. Not only do I see a dire need to address what is arguably becoming a crisis of epic proportion but – believe it or not– I also see a real window of political opportunity here – more on this later.

There are a couple of research studies already underway on this subject – most notably at Rutgers and Boston College. That’s great – and I hope to avail myself of all their collective knowledge – but my real aim here is to find out what can be done now to harness resources in play and create new ones where needed in order to help mitigate and eliminate the very real hardships being felt by the 2 million plus individuals that are out of work and over 50.

I’ll be posting my thoughts and resources along the way,  in what I hope will be received as helpful pieces to this puzzle from a wide variety of reliable sources.

I look forward to hearing your comments here…the journey begins.

Cristy Dwyer

2 Responses to “About This Blog”
  1. mikela says:

    Fabulous site- vital topic. Congratulations.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic myself and would be happy to share thoughts. Are you in NYC?

    I will let others know about your site.

    • Cristy Dwyer says:

      Thanks Mikela and welcome! I appreciate the kind words and look forward to hearing your thoughts as I progress with my research and the blog begins to take shape.

      Thanks again!

      Cristy – NYC

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